Character based Voice, Casting and Production Agency for Video Games and Anime


Charactoon Voices is not only a versatile and unique Voice Agency. We also offer the option for a singular or all in one service in casting and production.


MALE Voices


Voice Range: 20-80

Gruff, Monster Voices, Warm, Fantasy, Versatile

Accents: high, low, young, old and gruff in English (Cockney, RP - Queens English, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Bristol, Devon, Cornish), Scottish, Southern and Northern Irish, USA (Southern, New York, West Coast), Mexican, Japanese, French, Spanish, Australian


Voice Range: 12-40

Cool, Cheeky, Seductive, Quirky, Comical, Versatile

Accents: French, English (Cockney, Liverpool. Manchester, Queens English), Scottish (Highlands & Glasgow), Mexican, Spanish, USA (New York, West Coast, Valley Girl, Texan)


Voice Range: 20-60

Warm, Sincere, Calming, Comedic

Accents: American: Southern - Variations, New York, West Coast. Mexican, Spanish, Eastern Europe.


Ages 25-70

Warm, Smooth, Gruff, Raspy, Fantasy

Welsh - Newport, English – Cockney (male and female), South East, West Country, RP. Northern Irish, American – New York, West Coast, Southern, Jamaican


Voice Range: 20-50

Smooth, Warm, Adaptable, Comical, Energetic, Versatile

Accents: German, Spanish, English (Yorkshire, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, London new and old, Queens English), Scottish, Italian, Jamaican, African, Indian, Northern Irish, Belgian, Indian, French


Voice Range: 20-80

Comical, Playful, Quirky, Energetic, Versatile

Accents: French, USA (Boston, Southern, South Eastern, West Coast, New York, 1940s Gangster, 1940s Transatlantic, Middle) English (RP, London MLE, West Country, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester), Italian, French, German


Voice range: 30 - 80

Deep, Warm, Calm, Sinister, Epic, Grim

Accents: English (Queens, RP, Cockney, West Country, Birmingham, Yorkshire) Australian, New Zealand, American (southern and rural), Eastern European, German


Ages 40-70

Warm, Rich, Powerful, Smooth, Versatile

Accents: English – RP, Cockney, Birmingham, Liverpool. Scottish, USA – New York, New Jersey, General.


Age Range 18-90

Accents - English - RP, Cockney, MLE, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Scottish, New York, Westcoast, General. Fantasy - Dwarves, Serpents, Various Monsters.



Ages 20-35

Accents – French, English-RP. USA – Westcoast, Valley Girl. Eastern European.

Warm, Sensual, Dynamic, Intense


Ages 20-40

Warm, Dynamic, Sensual, Intense 

Accents – UK – RP, Cockney, Scouse (Liverpool), Manchester, Scottish. USA – New York, West Coast, Valley Girl, Southern. French, African, French African.


Voice Range: 20-60

Warm, Rich, Energetic, Aggressive, Calming, Versatile

Accents: Cornish, Devon, Lancashire, London (Cockney), RP (Queens English), Somerset, Yorkshire, USA (Southern, West Coast, Girl, Central), Scottish, French


Age Range 20-40

Accents – English RP, Essex, Cockney, Scouser, Yorkshire. USA – New York, West Coast, Southern. Austrlian. French.

Calming, Theatrical, Smooth, Friendly


Voice Range: 20-60

Sensual, Warm, Playful, Quirky

Accents: Australian, American - Valley Girl, Texas, New Jersey, New York. English - Queens English, London - MLE, Cockney, Yorkshire. Sat Nav, Sensual Dream.


Pippa Rose Ages 10-60

Calming, Playful, Quirky, Comical

Accents: English - RP, Cockney, Scouse, West Country. Irish , American-west coast, southern. French, Hungarian, Russian, Australian


Voice Range: 10-40

Energetic, Fantasy, Quirky, Playful, Friendly, Versatile

Accents: English (Queens English, Cockney), American, Fantasy Characters and Children's Voices


Voice Range: 40-70

Warm, Bubbly, Calming, Quirky

Accents: English - RP, Southern, Cockney, Birmingham Scottish, Irish - Cork and Dublin, Australian


Age Range : 20-50

Theatrical, Intense, Smooth, Quirky

Accents: English - RP, General, Southern/London/Estuary/ Northern England, General American, Australian, New Zealand, Scottish, Irish, Southern American, Eastern European, French, German, South African

Trailer Voices



WE ARE A forward thinking voice, casting and production agency

Charactoon Voices is a forward thinking voice, casting and production agency using versatile voice talent and offering both all in one and singular services of a Voice Agency, Casting Agency and Voice Recording/Production.

When casting the video game Disco Elysium, Mikee W Goodman noticed a hole which needed to be filled, a voice agency tailored towards Video Games, Anime and Narration. Then also offering the services of producing , casting and managing the entire process to make voice overs of a premium and cinematic quality.

Mikee produced, mixed and engineered voices for the entire game Disco Elysium by Zaum Studio (released Summer 2019).




When Mikee W Goodman was asked by Zaum Studio to cast six voices for an expo they were so impressed he was offered the job for the whole game. From there Mikee found certain versatile talents who could convincingly voice multiple characters.

He then had the idea to create an Agency aimed at Video Games, Anime and Narration. With his connections and 20 years experience in the music and entertainment industry gives this agency a real edge.

Not only a voice agency but also offering the services of casting , producing and recording all voices to a cinematic and premium standard.


Obviously being one of the most versatile voice artists and with 18 years Pro Tools recording and engineering experience makes Mikee W Goodman an exceptional choice of voice producer. With credits producing voices such as Adrian Smith in Primal Rock Rebellion (Iron Maiden), Kyle Simmonds (Bastille), Dot Major (London Grammar), Spencer Sotelo and Mark Holcolm (Periphery).

Mikee also produced, mixed and engineered voices for the entire game Disco Elysium by Zaum Studio (coming Summer 2019). Mikee works on Pro Tools (latest) owning many UA plugins.

Outboard and mic wise he also a Neumann u87ai and SE Gemini 2 microphone plus a Chandler TG2 pre amp and Chandler Little Devil Compressor. Mikee is also very well connected with many recording studios.



We offer the service of casting entire games, animations or audiobooks.

The approach we have is finding the right voice for certain parts whether they are on an agency or you happen to find a special talent in general life or even from another creative background (eg musician, whatever the characters occupation may be). This approach has been pioneering and has proven to be cost effective and extremely successful.

With this service we can offer reduced rates on our own artists too. We recently casted the entire game Disco Elysium for Zaum Studios.


"It was really fun working with Mikee. He was able to give direction but keep the vibe really relaxed. Just a generally good atmosphere." - Kyle Simmons, Bastille

"Working with Mikee in the studio is about as fun and natural as it gets. He's a creative mind in the control room no doubt, but it's his positive, freeform approach to voice acting that manages to constantly pull inspiration out of you. Being an accomplished voice artist himself, he continually keeps you at your best during a recording session, unafraid to try new things." - Mark Holcolm, Periphery

"Mikee’s contribution to the Game Disco Elysium has been superlative. His production and engineering are of such high standard. It was incredible he was able to cast so well also. Finding voices whether he is walking along a street, into a shop, online or though his music industry connections, it has made for a completely unique and progressive voice performance on this game. It goes without saying also as a Voice actor Mikee is up with the best. We hope to have Mikee involved in many more Zaum ventures." - Denis Havel (Zaum Studio)