Aggressive, Animated, Authoritative, Calming, Comedic, Cinematic, Cool, Deep, Fantasy, Friendly, Fun, Gruff, Intense, Monster Voices, Raspy, Seductive, Storyteller, Smooth, Theatrical Trailer, Warm


Lenval Brown is a London-based voice actor and lead singer of the ska and rap band, Maroon Town. As a voice actor, he is best known for recording well over 300,000 words as the narrator of BAFTA Award winning Disco Elysium. His sonorous vocals, ever cool delivery, and expert ear for rhythm make for unforgettable performances across a wide range of genres.



Disco Elysium – The Final Cut (2021)
ALL SKILLS, Narration, Objects

The Falconeer – Warrior Edition (2021)
Master of Letters/Master of Dunkle

Astria Ascending (2021 – TBA)
Dagmar, Zubar