Aggressive, Animated, Authoritative, Calming, Comedic, Cinematic, Cool, Deep, Energetic, Fantasy, Friendly, Fun, Gruff, Intense, Monster Voices, Raspy, Seductive, Storyteller, Smooth, Theatrical Trailer, Warm


Katie is a talented voice actress, lending her voice to hundreds of projects over the past decade, ranging from international commercial campaigns to critically acclaimed video games. Skilled at performing in different accents and with the versatility to create a dynamic array of characters. Katie gives a natural, clear delivery and loves eeking out a new characters’ personality, with a flair for capturing exactly the right tone.


Video Games

Rose Cottage – TBA character – 2023/2024
TBA – Lead Character – 2023
TBA – Lead Character / Supporting Character / Supporting Character – 2023 Battle Craze – Necross – 2022/2023
The Wizards Dark Times – Abigail – 2020


Dulcolax (TV and Online commercial – UK) Lingokids (TV commercial – USA & Mexico) Schmidt (Online and Radio commercial – UK) Tide (Radio commercial – UK)


Virgin, Santander, Zika Plan, Bayer, Swift, E.ON, Bridgestone, B/S/H, Legal & General, Perrigo

Audio Guides

Deutsches Museum, Munich Casa Vicens Gaudi, Barcelona