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Mikee is best known as vocalist of SikTh with 3 albums, 1 mini album and 3 EP’s touring 26 countries Worldwide, headlining various festivals and even getting a Rolling Stone front cover (India). In 2012 he co-wrote an album with Primal Rock Rebellion featuring himself and Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith.

Around 2016 Mikee was asked to audition for the video game Disco Elysium. It then had the name ‘No Truce With The Furies’. They loved what he did for the part of ‘Ancient Reptilian Brain’ and ‘Limbic System’.

Impressed with the recording and production of these voices Zaum Studio asked him to cast 6 voices and produce them. This went on to become the full game and over 70 voices.

Mikee then directed, engineered and casted Disco Elysium which went on to win 3 BAFTA Awards, 4 Game Awards, Game of the year on Mac and many more impressive accolades.

Mikee was nominated for performance of the year by IGN in 2019 for Ancient Reptilian Brain and Lymbic System in Disco Elysium and Charactoon Voices Agency was created.

Following Disco Elysium, Mikee also casted, engineered, directed and produced the game ‘The Falconeer’. This went on to get a BAFTA nominee and won many other awards.

Mikee appeared as a main character named Jarod in Road 96 which went no.1 on Steam in August 2021. Then Appearing as Exalted Bloodthirster 2.

Mikee has since appeared on 3 Steam number 1 games.


Personal Awards

Nominated for IGN Voiceover Performance of the Year (2019) for Ancient Reptilian Brain and Limbic System performances in Disco Elysium.

Games Appeared In

Disco Elysium (2019) Zaum Studio
Ancient Reptilian Brain, Limbic System, Spinal Cord, Bird’s Nest Roy, The Deserter, Ruud Hoenkloeven, Idiot Doom Spiral, Don’t Call Abigail

The Falconeer (2020) Wired Productions
Master of Letters / Master of Dunkle, LoreMaster, Civilian Cutter Captain, civilian boat captains, Mancer official, Generic Pirates, Pirate Lord, Imperial Enemy

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut (2021) Zaum Studio
Ancient Reptillian Brain, Limbic System, Horrific Necktie, Beautiful Necktie, Spinal Cord, Birds Nest Roy, Bloated Corpse of a Drunk, Don’t Call Abigail, Ruud Hoenkloewen, The Hanged Man (NPC), Cuno’s Dad, (Payphone:) Girard, (Payphone:)Writer, The Great Doorgunner Megamix, Strikebreaker, Tare Drunk

The Falconeer – Warrior Edition (2021) Wired Productions
LoreMaster, Civilian Cutter Captain, civilian boat captains, Mancer official
Generic Pirates, Pirate Lord, Westgate Captain, Imperial Enemy

The Road 96 (2021) – Digixart

Astria Ascending (2021) – Artisan Studios

Warhammer: Total War III – Creative Assembly (2021)

Exalted Bloodthirster 2



Aeon Azure (2017) The Jack Stupid

Casting / Production

Disco Elyisum – 2019
Voice Director, Producer, Casting Director, Audio Dialogue Engineer

The Falconeer – 2020
Voice Director, Producer, Casting Director, Audio Dialogue Engineer

Disco Elyisum The Final Cut – 2021
Casting Director, Audio Dialogue Engineer, Producer, Voice Director

The Falconeer – Warrior Edition – 2021
Voice Director, Producer, Casting Director, Audio Dialogue Engineer

And more TBA



Let the Transmitting Begin (EP) (2002)
How May I Help You? (EP) (2002)
The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild (2003)
Scent of the Obscene (Single) (2003)
Death of a Dead Day (2006)
Flogging the Horses (EP) (2006)
Opacities (EP) (2015)
The Future in Whose Eyes? (2017)

With Primal Rock Rebellion

Awoken Broken (2012)

Guest appearances

This Is Menace, “No End In Sight” (2005)
Bat for Lashes, “Fur and Gold” (2006)
This Is Menace, “The Scene is Dead” (2007)
Cyclamen, “Sleep Street” (2008)
Deathember, “The Linear Act” (2011)
Umpfel, “Fly Fly” (2015)
Periphery, “Reptile” (2019)
Red Method, “The Absent” (2019)
Pitchshifter, “Un-United_Kingdom” (2020)