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Paul has a rich and warm voice, this is why his voice is lent so well to many commercials and audiobooks. Paul came to Charactoon as wanting to explore more gaming and animation. Since then he has featured on many games such as Disco Elysium, The Falconeer and many more. He is even a transformer now.


Video Games Voiceover

Disco Elysium – 2021
Morrell the Zoocryptologist
The Falconeer – 2021
Lord Illuminator
Castle Storm 2 – 2021
Sir Gavin
Alexa Acropolis

Animation Voiceover

Lego: Member Of Parliament
Transformers Headmaster series reboot – 2021 : WeirdWolf, Blastoff, Onslaught
Goober Nation: Lenny, Thunderwind, Tonk, Sideswipe


Angels and Demons –  Dan Brown
Rise of the Raptors : Dan Metcalf
Standstill : Jack Probyn
Sick Twisted Fucks: Howard Carlyle
Death, Infection, The Devil, Jed : Howard Carlyle
Trailers; Emmisary : Gord


Our Lady Of Heaven (2021) ADR and full dialogue replacement for head of
The Visit : Don


Lionel In Lockdown : Narrator
The Inflight Food Trip Amazon Prime ; Narrator
Michael Owen Horse Racing Sky One; Narrator
Theatre; The Amazing Bavarian Stompers touring Show

Training / Qualifications in Acting: Dave Fennoy coaching, Everett Oliver Coaching

What accents are you confident doing? Midlands, London, Scotish, Australian, RP